Hot and Cold Spots

A new selective heating and cooling station installed within a countertop!

  • Built Into Kitchen Countertops Without Damage
  • Spots Can Be Both Hot or Cold
  • Temperature Rated Glass Plate Houses Either a Heating Coil or a Refrigerant-Based Refrigeration System
  • Keeps Food Warm or Cool as Required When Being Served or Consumed
  • Ensures Food Safety
  • Operated By Electric Power


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Tyler R. Patterson of Lancaster, PA has developed a selective heating and cooling station for your countertop to ensure food stays at the correct temperature.

Working in construction, Tyler does a lot of remodeling work and is always thinking about improvements that can be made to the items we use every day. One day, he started thinking about how quickly ice cream melts at his favorite spot at the countertop and how unappetizing his dinner becomes when he has to step away to take a phone call during his meal. Not only does food taste better when kept at the right temperature, it must remain at its intended temperature for food safety especially when hosting a gathering where food is being served. Tyler just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he was inspired to create Hot and Cold Spots!

Now, food containers can be kept hot or cold, depending on their nature, while sitting on a countertop. A temperature rated glass plate houses either a heating coil or a refrigerant-based refrigeration system operated by electric power. The system can be installed in almost any countertop without damage. When not in use, the area occupied by the invention may be used as a standard countertop.

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