High Velocity Foam Adapter

The High Velocity Foam Adapter is a specialized nozzle for spray-on thermal insulation in aerosol style spray cans.

  • Covers Large Areas Easily
  • High Velocity Application Provides for Improved Foam to Surface Bond
  • Uses the Entire Can with Virtually No Wasted Product
  • Specialized Nozzle Fits on End of a Manufacturer Supplied Spray Tube
  • For Use by Insulation Contractors or Do-It-Yourselfers


Utility Patent #10,940,990

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Henry William Musterman, IV of Onalaska, TX has created a specialized nozzle for spray-on thermal insulation in aerosol spray cans.

While working on a small bathroom remodeling project in his home, he needed to apply spray foam insulation to one short wall. Of course, he did not want to spend six hundred dollars for the two-part home kit, nor did he want to get quotes for one wall. In turn, he started trying different methods to get the gap filler to stick well enough to the wall. After many messes and many cans of gap filler, he found a combination of dimensional changes that worked very well. This led to the creation of the High Velocity Foam Adapter!

This clever new invention covers large areas easily. Its high velocity application provides for an improved foam to surface bond. The adapter ensures that the entire can is used with virtually no wasted product. The specialized nozzle will fit on the end of a manufacturer supplied spray tube. The invention is for use by insulation contractors or do-it-yourselfers!

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