Hernia Diaper

A disposable diaper with a modified design to accommodate umbilical hernias.

  • - High Waistband Completely Covers the Navel Area
  • - Front Waistband Area Provided with Extra Padding Arranged in a Circular Manner
  • - Protects a Protruding Umbilical Hernia During Wear
  • - Extra Pressure of the Padding May Also Help Correct the Protruding Nature
  • - Multiple Sizes Available


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brondwyn Holliway Alford, MD of Shreveport, LA has developed a disposable diaper with a modified design to accommodate umbilical hernias.

As a pediatrician of over twenty-five years, Brondwyn sees umbilical hernias of various sizes daily. For these infants and toddlers, the umbilical hernia may be unsightly and irritating. Some require surgery and cause much discomfort to the patient as well as the family. When a disposable diaper is worn, the upper waist band edge is often right at the area of the belly button. This can really aggravate an umbilical hernia. Brondwyn just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, she was inspired to create the Hernia Diaper!

The invention is a disposable diaper that features a higher waistband to completely cover the navel area. The interior of the diaper, near the belly button, has also been provided with extra padding arranged in a circular manner. Not only will this protect a protruding umbilical hernia during wear, the extra pressure of the padding may prevent enlargement of the hernia and even potentially defer the need for surgery.

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