Helicopter-Mounted Fire Suppression Delivery System

The ultimate tool to fight fires.

  • Helicopter-Based Firefighting System
  • Fight Fires in Half the Time
  • Water Cannon, Foam Cannon, and Retardant Cannon Mount to Underside of Helicopter
  • Laser Targeting System and Remotely Operated Shotgun Also Located on Underside
  • Defends People, Places, and Property


Utility Patent #11,008,100

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Andre S. Richardson and Sandra Richardson of Vallejo, CA have created a helicopter-based aerial fire suppression system for defending people, places, and property.

While planes and helicopters do carry water so fires can be fought from the air, current methods are far from perfect. Perhaps the biggest shortcoming is the amount of travel time necessary from the water pickup point to the fire itself. Up to an hour of travel time back-and-forth can be required for a water drop that lasts only seconds. While watching coverage of all the recent wildfires, Inventors Richardson knew more had to be done. In turn, they developed the ultimate tool to fight fires: the Helicopter-Mounted Fire Suppression Delivery System!

This clever new invention was created to fight fires in half the time! A helicopter equipped with the system will be flown to the site of a fire, such as a high-rise building or a forest fire. A decision to use the water cannon, the foam cannon, and/or the retardant cannon will be made. When using the foam cannon or retardant cannon, the pilot will use a laser targeting system and targeting computer to zero in on the fire. Should one decide to fight the fire with the water cannon, the pilot will lower the water pump to a nearby body of water. Water will be pumped to the system via a flexible hose and will be discharged over the fire. For a fire in a high-rise building, the helicopter will be equipped with a 2500-3000 ft. hose that will be lowered to a fire truck pumper, that will be connected to a fire hydrant. Should windows need to be broken, a remotely operated shotgun will be used with the aid of the laser targeting system.

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