Heavenly Peace

A new cremation bag developed with safety, privacy, and security in mind.

  • Strong and Reliable Cremation Bag
  • Water-Resistant
  • Restraining Straps Stabilize the Contents While in Transit
  • Provides Clear Identification
  • Eliminates Worry
  • Bags Can Also Be for First responders, Military and Pets


Utility Patent - 11,484,457

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Sandra R. Corum of Manassas, VA and David M. Staten of Silver Springs, MD have developed an improved cremation bag created with safety, privacy, and security in mind.

There are many instances in which cremains require transportation. This will be the most important delivery you receive. However, there were few dignified methods of accomplishing this in a manner that also secured the cremains and limited risk of damage or worst-case scenario, lost cremations. In turn, Sandra and David were inspired to create Heavenly Peace!

The invention is a strong, reliable, water-resistant cremation bag. No longer will family members have to worry about their loved ones remains getting destroyed. An urn or pre-sealed ashes are simply slid into the main compartment of the bag. Restraining straps stabilize the contents while in transit. Until received by the family, the product will keep the remains safe from damage, while also providing clear identification on a printed card.

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