Hat Mount

Hat Mount is all you need to secure your hat from dangerously bouncing around your vehicle!

  • Unique Silicone Half Sphere Holds Hat in Place on Dashboard
  • Does Not Require Damaging Adhesives, Glues, or Tape
  • Keeps Hat from Flying Across the Dash
  • Secures Any Hat in Place, Even Under the Hottest and Coldest Temperatures
  • Size May Vary


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Loretta Padilla and David Avery of Fort Worth, TX have created an innovative new hat mount to prevent a hat from bouncing around a vehicle as the car is in motion.

Look around and almost every other vehicle on the road has a hat placed on the dashboard. But every time you turn a corner, accelerate, or stop, the hat falls to the floor, or gets stuck somewhere in your car. Loretta and David just knew there had to be a way to secure a hat so this wouldnt happen. With that being said, they did not want to use any adhesive, glue, or tape that would destroy or de-value their vehicle. In turn, they were inspired to develop Hat Mount!

The invention takes the form of a silicone half sphere to hold your hat in place on your dashboard. Just jump in your vehicle and toss your hat onto the mount. The invention will hold your hat securely in place until you arrive at your next destination.

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