Hangman Harness Rack

Allows employees to hang and lock their harnesses in a cut, tear, and tangle-free device.

  • Prevents Saw Blades and Sharp Tools from Piling on Top of Safety Harnesses
  • Eliminates the Chance of Serious Injury or Death
  • Saves Time and Frustration
  • Tangle-Free; No Adjustments Needed
  • Meets OSHA Standards for Proper Care and Storage


Utility Patent #10,219,619

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Chad H. Smith of Parkersburg, WV has created a dual locking safety harness storage rack. Employees will now be able to hang and lock their harnesses in a cut, tear, and tangle-free device no adjustments needed!

When a harness is not hung properly, it can take an employee 15 to 30 minutes to right it. Not only does this result in numerous man-hours lost over the course of a project, it could damage the harness leading to serious injury or even death. As an iron worker, Inventor Smith knew something more needed to be done. In turn, he created the Hangman Harness Rack!

With the rack, each employee would have a designated latch which can be locked. A second lock would allow the company to lock all the latches by way of a cross bar. By simply hanging the safety harness by its D-Ring or anchorage ring, the harness could easily be looked over top-to-bottom for its regularly scheduled inspection, which is also an OSHA requirement. The rack will prevent blades and sharp tools from piling on top and will keep equipment organized, clean, and safe.

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