Hang Rite Jig

An innovative new jig hook with improved features for enhanced fishing success!

  • Triangular Shaped Eyelet
  • Wider Hook Opening
  • Hangs More Naturally in the Water
  • Generates Realistic Movements
  • Various Sizes Possible


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dwayne Ayo of Milam, TX has created an innovative new jig hook with improved features for enhanced fishing success.

With todays jigs, fishermen must tie a very tight knot on the eyelet and slide it toward the point of the hook for it to hang correctly. Once there is a bite or jerk on the line, the knot slides back toward the front of the jig and hangs at approximately 45. This, however, is not a natural angle to fish. In turn, Dwayne was inspired to develop the Hang Rite Jig!

With the Hang Rite Jig, the eyelet has been moved slightly closer to the center of gravity, so it hangs more naturally in the water. The eyelet is also triangular in shape, so you wont have to tie a tight knot, as the fishing line will stay at the top of the eyelet, without sliding down. Even if a bite is received or the line is jerked, you wont have to reel the lure in every time. Additionally, the jig point is at 170 to get a faster hook set. This jig will work well under a cork and it will appeal to fishermen first and then to fish. Larger versions will be great around rigs and platforms in salt water.

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