Handbag Organizer

A new storage organizer created especially for your handbags!

  • Promotes Better Utilization of Space
  • Bags Can Be Arranged According to Their Size and Color
  • Easily Choose a Bag Based on The Day or Your Outfit
  • Eliminates Having to Stack Your Bags in A Messy Format
  • Round Dish Protects Your Bags from Dust Particles


Design Patent - D957,853

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Malaysia M. Lancelin, Ellis Hendricks, and Jessica Hendricks of Houston, TX have designed a new organizer especially for handbags!

Tired of digging through your closet to find the right bag? Inventors Malaysia, Ellis, and Jessica were too! They just knew there had to be a better way to arrange their purses. In turn, they were inspired to create the Handbag Organizer!

The invention features a movable base with an upright pole and five horizontal rods tipped up at the end on each side. Bags can be hung on each horizontal rod and organized according to their colors and sizes. Instead of stacking bags up in a closet, users will now be able to see their bags and easily choose a bag based on the day or their outfit. On top of the vertical rod is a round dish that protects the bags from dust particles. The organizer not only provides a better storage place for bags, but also promotes better utilization of space. It can even be used for scarves or caps and ties. Various colors are possible.

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