Hand Truck Foot Hook

A device to aid in the removal of a hand truck from underneath a load of parcels.

  • Flat Metal Hook Located Along the Lace Area of Shoe or Boot
  • Held in Place by a Strap that Goes Over the Back of the Shoe and Under the Arch of the Foot
  • User Simply Hooks Invention Up and Over the Hand Truck Wheel Axle and Pulls Backward
  • Can Be Worn All Day
  • Will Not Interfere with Walking or Driving


Utility Patent - 11,608,099 | Design Patent - D1,026,445

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Kendall Gholston, Willie C. Knight, Christine Gholston, and Dianne D. Knight of Lagrange, GA have created a device to aid in the removal of a hand truck from underneath a load of parcels.

After many years in the food service delivery business, it became clear that after it rained or the days were very humid, ones boot would slip consistently from the hand truck axle. Even worse, when a product was spilled, like oil or greasy food product, it would splash onto ones boots or the axle, and it would slip even more. The inventors just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, they were inspired to develop the Hand Truck Foot Hook!

The invention features a flat metal hook that is located along the lace area of ones shoe or boot, with the hook facing upward above the toe area. The hook is held in place by a strap that goes over the back of the shoe and under the arch of the foot. When arriving at a delivery destination with a hand truck, with the invention in place over their footwear, the user simply hooks the invention up and over the hand truck wheel axle and pulls backward. The hook ensures that it will not slip free when pulling, as opposed to a shoe or boot alone. The foot hook can be worn all day long and will not interfere with walking, driving, or other activities.

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