Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Belt

Quick and easy hand sanitation on-the-go!

  • Perfect for Healthcare Professionals
  • Adjustable
  • Saves Time
  • Non-Drip Cap
  • Easy to Refill


Design Patent - D935,321

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brenda J. Sowell of Gibsonburg, OH has designed an adjustable nylon belt that holds a disposable plastic container of sanitizer to ones body for convenience while working or otherwise on-the-go.

Healthcare professionals must have clean, sanitized hands at all times. Seeking out a hand sanitizing station within a hospital or medical facility, however, can take valuable minutes from your day. In turn, Sowell has designed the Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Belt!

The invention features a container with locking ridges on top, so it stays in place and out of the way. On the bottom is a flip open non-drip cap. Users will simply flip the cap, squeeze a desired amount of sanitizer into their hand, and close the cap. The cap also makes it easy to refill the sanitizer when needed. Various colors and styles are possible. The belt will also be incredibly convenient to wear while on-the-go especially during cold and flu season.

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