Hale’s ZT Spreader

Easy application of granular fertilizer and other lawn care chemicals with your zero-turn mower!

  • Large Hopper Attaches to The Front of a Zero-Turn Mower With A Quick-Connect Mounting Bracket
  • Spreader is Powered By 12-Volt DC Motor That
  • Connects to The Battery of The Mower
  • Controlled With an Easy On-Off Switch Mounted on One of the Drive Arms of The Mower
  • Manual Slide Gate Allows Users to Control Application of The Product
  • Can Be Removed After Use Until Needed Again


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Albert Hale of Stephenville, TX has developed a way to use your zero-turn mower to apply fertilizer and other products to your lawn.

The idea was born while attempting to fertilize his yard using his pull behind spreader. He soon learned that turning it on and off was impossible because he could not reach it. Albert then decided to mount a board on it and set his grandson there and he would tell him when to turn it on and off. Of course, he just knew there had to be a better way. Hales ZT Spreader is his solution.

But how does it work? The invention features a large steel or plastic hopper specially designed to attach to the front of a zero-turn mower with a quick-connect mounting bracket. The spreader is powered by a 12-volt direct current motor that connects to the battery of the mower. Users operate the spreader with an easy on-off switch mounted on one of the drive arms of the mower. A manual slide gate allows users to control the application of the product. When the job is done, it is easy to remove the spreader and store it for next time.

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