Haake Hook

The Haake Hook is a cargo tie down strap with enhanced qualities.

  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Strong and Durable
  • Increases Safety for Users
  • Use Haake Hook on 4-Wheeler Axels to Secure to Floor of Trailer With No Strap
  • Fits A Wide Range of Loads from Objects in a Truck to Objects on a Flatbed Trailer
  • Great for Truckers or Moving, Camping, Vacations, and More


Utility Patent #9,975,467

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Shannon L. Haake of Eagle, NE has created a cargo tie down strap with enhanced qualities.

Elastic style cords or bungee cords provide a large amount of holding force, are easily tightened and loosened, and remain secured even when subject to vibration, weather elements, and shifting loads. However, as useful as these cords are, they can be extremely dangerous because they can fly back at a users body with incredible speed at a moments notice. This presents a huge risk, especially to a users face and eye area. Also using these kind of cords can be tedious and time consuming. Inventor Haake knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he created the Haake Hook!

This clever new invention uses a mechanical leverage and can be tightened around an object without any dangerous elastic tension when applying or removing the strap. It is quick and easy to use. Its strong and durable. Different sizes are possible so the hook can fit a wide range of loads from small objects in a truck to large objects on a flatbed trailer. This will make it great for truckers or for moving, camping, vacations, and more.

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