H-Bee Mask Holder

For many, masks can be painful around the ears until now!

  • Keeps the Holder Behind Your Neck, Instead of Behind Your Ears
  • Prevent Ear Pain, Redness, and Soreness Behind the Ears
  • Helps Protect Against Germs and Illness
  • Various Colors and Styles
  • Disposable Version Possible

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joan Burnett of Augusta, GA has created a mask holder that is specially designed to prevent ear pain, redness, and soreness behind the ears.

The idea was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although face masks play an essential role in protecting against germs and illness, they can be really uncomfortable. Some may find it practically unbearable when wearing a mask for hours at a time. Joan just knew there had to be a better way. The H-Bee Mask Holder is her solution.

But how does it work? Simply place the mask loop on one button or hook of the holder. Next, place the holder around the back of your neck. You will then fasten the opposite side by placing the mask on the loop, hook, button, or tie. This keeps the holder behind your neck, instead of behind your ears! Various colors and styles are possible. A disposable version may also be manufactured.

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