Groomer Pet Brush

The gold standard in pet brushes!

  • - Motorized Brush for Pet Grooming
  • - 360° Rotation
  • - Speeds Brushing Process
  • - Keeps Homes Cleaner
  • - Rechargeable

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Travis J. Roberts of North Bend, OR has created the gold standard in pet brushes!

With a golden retriever at home, Travis had to deal with pet hair all over the house. One day while brushing him, his sisters rotating hairbrush came to mind. He thought that would be handy, but he realized he would also need a way to catch the hair. A vacuum would be too loud. He settled on tines that could ride in the grooves, making the solution useful, compact, and cost effective, while keeping the brush quiet. With these ideas in mind, he developed the Groomer Pet Brush!

The invention is a motorized pet brush with 360 degrees of rotation. The invention features rotating bristles that lessen the brushing movement for quick, stress-free grooming. As the motor runs, the spring-loaded tines of the comb will remove hair in clumps for less mess and easy disposal. The brush was developed to run quietly, so as not to scare the pet. When needed, it is simply recharged and set aside for next time. This will be a must-have for all pet owners and groomers!

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