Grip-Twist and Pour

Makes opening bottles a snap!

  • Features Ergonomically Designed Handles with Rubber Coating
  • Provides a Secure Grip for Amplified Leverage
  • Eliminates Risk of Plastic Getting into Bottle or Plugs Flying Across Room
  • Great for Those with Arthritis, Disabilities, or Diminished Strength
  • Must-Have for Restaurants, Reception Halls, and Home Use


Design Patent - D961,349

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James White of Covina, CA has designed a device to aid in removing plastic plugs from wine and champagne bottles.

Most modern bottle tops or corks are manufactured using plastic and are difficult to get off with a corkscrew. It can take a great deal of strength to open a bottle and particles of plastic can get into the wine. Opening these bottles open can be challenging for anyone, especially people who have arthritis or those with disabilities or diminished strength. At 5'11 and a fit 207lbs, James still could not twist off the top of a champagne bottle one Mothers Day while making mimosas. He knew there had to be an easier way. He then retrieved a pair of channel locks and was able to easily twist off the top. With that idea in mind, James was inspired to develop Grip-Twist and Pour!

The invention looks like a nutcracker and has a basic lever mechanism. To use, one clamps the invention over the plastic plug. Next, while holding the bottle with one hand and the invention in the other, the plug is simply twisted off. The handles are ergonomically designed and rubber coated to ensure the user can get a secure grip for amplified leverage.

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