Grinding Hood

A portable enclosure for processing hazardous materials.

  • Safely Grind, Sand, Drill, Paint, Chemical Wash, and More
  • Limited Personal Protective Equipment
  • Dust-Free Grinding
  • Safe and Convenient
  • Easy to Manufacture


Utility Patent # 10,343,293

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Troy Taylor of Sequim, WA has created a portable enclosure for processing hazardous materials.

When working in environments where exposure to chemicals, thermal energy, or other hazards are present, the proper protection is imperative. However, transporting and donning personal protective safety equipment can be quite burdensome even complicated! After dealing with chemical sensitivity from overexposure while on the job, Taylor knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he developed the Grinding Hood!

This clever new invention has been specially created to protect a user while grinding a surface without exposing them to the material in which they are grinding. Theres no need to lug personal protective safety equipment around from job-to-job. This portable box-like enclosure featuring a viewing lid, knee board, glove ports, and an open-bottom portion is all youll need for protection.

Once the Grinding Hood is in position, users will place the vacuum where theyd like it to be and route the hose into the enclosure. They will place the necessary tools inside, turn on the vacuum, and adjust the air intake. This setup will allow them to safely grind, sand, drill, paint, or chemical wash without exposing them to the material.

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Additional Information

With the Grinding Hood, you can run a hose into the vacuum hose port, or attach it to the port itself! There are also additional products that can be added to the hood. Spring loaded casters can be added so that when your body weight is applied to the knee pad, it's easier to roll around into place. The hood can also be stacked on top of other hoods for different equipment applications or personalized needs.


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