Grinder Pocket

A new support assembly for transporting a stump grinder.

  • Holds Grinder in Place So It Won’t Bounce Around
  • Saves the Trailer Floor
  • 3/4" Rubber Mat in the Pocket Protects the Teeth on the Grinder Wheel
  • Keeps Grinder from Sliding and Shifting a Load
  • Universal Mounting Holes for Easy Installation


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Travis Winscher of Royalton, MN has created a new support assembly for transporting a stump grinder.

Travis started his own business trimming trees in 2007. The following year, his father purchased a stump grinder. However, when pulling it down the road, the grinder would bounce, and the carbide teeth would slowly chew through the trailer floor. Travis knew there had to be a way to prevent this. In turn, he went to the shop and started cutting some steel plate pieces and then welded them together. No longer was the stump grinder chewing through the floor! Since that day, the Grinder Pocket has been further developed and is now ready for market.

The invention was created to hold a stump grinder in place, so it does not bounce around, thereby saving the floor of your hauling vehicle during transport. A 3/4" rubber mat in the pocket has been added to protect the teeth on the grinder wheel. It also keeps the grinder from shifting and sliding a load. Universal mounting holes make installation quick and easy.

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