Greens Krutch

An innovative new golf stand for holding your second club.

  • Cradles the Club Not Being Used in an Upright Position
  • No Need to Bend Over
  • Second Club's Handle and Shaft Stay Dry
  • Keeps You from Forgetting Your Club on the Ground
  • Adjustable Shaft to Accommodate All Club Lengths from Junior Clubs Up to Tall Clubs
  • Legs are Collapsible for Bag Storage


Design Patent - D939,655

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Marc A. Miller of Mexico, MO has designed an innovative new golf stand for holding your second club.

Marcs inspiration goes back to the many years of forgetting clubs around golf greens. He began thinking how he could eliminate this, as well as eliminate having to bend down to pick up clubs after chipping or putting on or around greens. In turn, he was inspired to create the Greens Krutch!

The invention is a stand designed to cradle the club not being used in an upright position. Since greens are highly watered areas, the stand will keep the handle and shaft of the second club dry. It will also keep you from bending over to pick up your other club at each hole. Plus, with the stand holding your second club, you will be less likely to forget it. We have all hit that great chip or putt and forgot our second club lying on the ground from excitement! The stand has an adjustable shaft to accommodate all club lengths from junior clubs up to tall clubs. Collapsible legs ensure it will fit into a golf bag for storage.

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