Grapplers Guide Gi (G3)

The journey to Black Belt has never been easier!

  • Instructional Pamphlet Takes Students through Color Coding and Instructional Techniques
  • Easy to Comprehend
  • Faster Learning Curve
  • Helps Students Apply Techniques Properly
  • Reduces Errors


Design Patent #D842,587, Registered Copyright

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and martial artist, Craig L. Pumphrey of Elizabeth, IN has created a method of learning that will change the martial arts world!

Martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Pankration have become extremely popular. Learning these arts can be difficult though and instructors are highly sought after. These styles require a student to wear a gi and it can take years to learn the chokes, joint locks, takedowns, sweeps, and pinning techniques. Its not that the techniques are hard, it is learning where to place your hand. Time is frequently wasted teaching the same techniques over and over, plus students with incorrect hand placement can often be overlooked. Inventor Pumphrey just knew there had to be a better way. In turn, he created the Grapplers Guide Gi (G3)!

With this G3 method, its as easy as saying, Right hand brown, left hand blue, palms facing up, now pull. Each G3 kit will come with an instructional pamphlet which will take a student through color coding and a series of instructional techniques. Not only will this speed the learning process and eliminate error, it will make learning more fun and lead to better competitors!

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