Goode Sleep Pillow

Adjusts to fit ones unique shape and sleeping position.

  • Easy to Use
  • Adjusts in Seconds
  • Will Meet Any User’s Preference/Needs
  • Alleviates Pressure Points
  • Washable


Design Patent #D896,002

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Cathy Thomas and Brigette Thomas of Pembroke Pines, FL have designed an innovative new pillow that adjusts to fit ones unique shape and sleeping position.

Experts recommend a different type of pillow for each sleeper and using the wrong one can negatively impact your quality of sleep. Its not just about comfort, the right pillow can also improve your alignment to prevent many forms of back, neck, shoulder, hip, and other joint pain.

Cathy could not seem to find the right firmness of pillow. She ended up purchasing dozens of options to try and still couldnt find one to meet her sleeping needs. Her daughter was also struggling with the same sleep discomfort. When she entered medical school, Brigette required increased back and shoulder support after all the hours she spent studying. It occurred to them that an adjustable pillow was the answer. After testing various methods of adjusting a pillow, they found the perfect formula to solve their problems. With their Goode Sleep Pillow, Cathy and Brigette have their own size-adjustable pillow they use every night. They will never look for another!

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