A pair of gloves specifically designed to hold your golf club, so you dont have to!

  • Accommodates a Range of Different Golf Grips
  • Helps Golfers Achieve a Full, Powerful Swing
  • Supports the Wrist
  • No Worry of Losing the Angle of the Club, or the Club Itself
  • Can Also Be Used for Fishing, Tennis, Skiing, Baseball, Softball, Fencing, or for Use with Tools


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lane Bidlack of Perrysburg, OH has created a pair of gloves specifically designed to hold your golf club, so you dont have to!

The idea came to him after speaking with a member of the country club where he works. The woman had severely arthritic hands, so he asked if she still played golf. She replied, Yes I do, so he asked if she wouldnt mind showing him her swing. Thats when he noticed she basically let go at the top of the swing, with what little grip she had, just to get the feeling of a full swing. It made him wonder several things: How many others are in her situation too? Are people having to quit the game they love? What if there was a device that would allow a golfer to complete a regular swing without worrying about their grip? In turn, he was inspired to develop GolfHands. Now whether youre dealing with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or even a prosthetic, you will still be able to enjoy a full round of golf!

These innovative new gloves will keep your hands in the correct position for a proper swing and will accommodate a range of different golf grips. Once youre locked in place with your club, you can completely let go and still execute a perfect swing, without ever having to worry about losing the angle of the club or the club leaving your hands.

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