Golf Bag Cart Attachment

A permanent replacement for the traditional golf bag!

  • Permanently Attaches to Golf Cart
  • Alleviates Need to Continually Purchase and Transport a Traditional Golf Bag
  • Prevents Theft
  • Protects Clubs and Eliminates Rattling
  • Made of Durable Water-Proof Material


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jamie Mais of Weston, CT has created a way for golf clubs and accessories to be permanently stored upon a golf cart for protection, ease of use, and to prevent theft.

A golf bag is a must for organizing ones clubs and other golf necessities. However, as a bag sits upon a golf cart, it quickly becomes exposed to the elements. Golfers are then looking at the added expense of a whole new bag. Transporting a bag around can also damage it, leading to costly replacement as well. In addition, golfers must also worry about theft as soon as they look away. In turn, Mais has created the Golf Bag Cart Attachment. A permanent replacement for the traditional golf bag!

The invention is made of durable waterproof material and permanently attaches to the golf bag well of a golf cart. A rotating base, similar to a lazy susan, allows the top of the invention to rotate at the same interval as the base. This allows golfers easy access to clubs that can be hard to reach and remove from the bag. Within its rotating base are receiving cups for securing each club. Full-length nylon dividers have been added to prevent clubs from ever touching one another. Spring hinged locking pockets hold a golfers essentials, and a locking lid cover acts as a theft deterrent when a golfer is not using their clubs.

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