Glow Rail

An electronic LED light system that is integrated right into a boat's rub rail.

  • Equipped with a Strip of Waterproof and Impact Resistant RGB LEDs
  • Promotes Better Visibility
  • Ensures that Your Boat Catches the Eye of Any Observer
  • Bluetooth® Transceiver Connects to Your Smart Phone and Allows You to Control the Color, Brightness, and Fade of the RGB LEDs
  • Increases Safety


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Fire Water Holdings, Inc. of Piedmont, OK has developed an electronic LED light system that is integrated right into the rub rail of a boat.

Customization is essential in making your boat stand out from the crowd. Accessories allow boaters to make their boat more unique and get noticed by others. But as with many customization techniques, as they catch on, more and more people do the same thing, and one customized boat begins to look like the next. With the popularity of light-up cup holders, docking lights, and fishing accessories in mind, Wes Thompson of Fire Water Holdings Inc. was inspired to come up with a way he could integrate LED lighting into the design of any boat or pontoon without having to glue or tape lights onto the hull. In turn, the Glow Rail was created!

The invention is equipped with a strip of waterproof and impact resistant RGB LEDs. This ensures that your boat will catch the eye of any observer. Also included is a Bluetooth transceiver that you can connect to your smart phone to control the color, brightness, and fade of the RGB LEDs. Thanks to the added visibility that the rail provides, your boat will also be safer than ever. The invention could even alert to distress by flashing SOS or be used in lake patrol or law enforcement applications.

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