Gentlemen’s Friend

A neck tie for your little guy!

  • Increases Sexual Behavior
  • Easy to Put On
  • Affordable
  • Various Colors and Styles Possible
  • One Size Fits Most


Design Patent - D953,186

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Kelly Kirkpatrick and Melissa Kirkpatrick of Ontario, Canada have designed a lingerie option for men!

The idea was born on a typical Saturday night, joking around in the hot tub. What started out as a silly suggestion is now a revolutionary use for a neck tie! This clever new invention gives a man the chance to sport their own lingerie to tempt and entice their partners. With so many options for women, its time for men to join in on the fun, too!

The neck tie is simply slipped over the head of the penis, facing outward, and then displayed for ones partner to increase sexual desire. Various colors and styles are possible. One size fits most.

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