Gem Bonnet

An insulated cover for the dome of a tanker trailer.

  • Helps Maintain Temperature of Tanker Contents
  • Prevents Unwanted Heat Loss or Gain
  • Reduces Need to Reheat or “Steam” Liquids When Arriving at Unloading Point
  • Can Be Used with Food, Beverages, Chemicals, and More
  • Various Sizes Possible


Design Patent #D909,254

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Glenn Cook and Manon Dupuis of Canada have designed an insulated cover for the dome of a tanker trailer. Now whether you are carrying food, beverages, chemicals, or other items, the invention will help keep your load at the correct temperature!

One type of trailer commonly used to transport bulk quantities is the tanker trailer. Many carry food or beverages that must be stored below ambient temperature. Others carry oils, tars, asphalts, and chemicals that must be stored above ambient temperature for them to flow out of the tanker. If they cool too much, the tanker must be heated or steamed which results in increased cost and transfer time. While tankers are usually insulated to help with this, the central access hatch or dome typically is not. In turn, Inventors Cook and Dupuis have developed the Gem Bonnet!

This insulated cover will maintain the temperature of a tankers contents while on the road to a destination. It will also reduce the need to steam the load upon arrival, which will be greatly appreciated by all during the unloading process. Various sizes are possible to accommodate all tankers.

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