Gate Latch Accessory Device

The Gate Latch Accessory Device provides protection of cable and wooden portions of a gate.

  • Less Wear on Rope, Cable, and Gate
  • Stabilizes Rope or Cable
  • Improves Entrance Appearance
  • Easy to Install
  • Minimal Tools Required


Utility Patent #10,718,134

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kenneth S. Dory of Calgary, AB has created an aid that provides protection of cable and wooden portions of a gate.

Fence gates are used to provide access in and out of enclosed areas. A large number of fence gates are secured with rope or a cable. However, when pulled as taut as possible, rope can fray on the fence post or the gate itself. Whenever a cable is used, it can actually dig into and deface or deform the fence post, especially if it is made out of wood. In turn, Inventor Dory created the Gate Latch Accessory Device!

This clever new invention prevents wear on rope, cable, and gates. It stabilizes the rope or cable being used. It can also be used on all posts along a fence line for decorative purposes. This will improve the appearance of an entrance. It is easy to install and minimal tools are required. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities for the Gate Latch Accessory Device act now!


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