Gate Keeper

The Gate Keeper is a reliable tailgate tie down anchor.

  • Straps Items Down to Tailgate When It’s Open
  • Easily Installs and Removes
  • Works On All Pickup Trucks
  • Won’t Interfere with Operation of Tailgate
  • Strong and Durable


Utility Patent # 10,300,834

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Marlon Allen, a heavy duty mechanic from Haines Junction, YT has created a reliable tailgate tie down anchor.

Cargo space is often limited by the size of a trucks bed. Safely securing a load can be difficult when its longer than the cargo area allows. There are times when a cargo load must be loaded into a truck with the tailgate down. However, now theres risk of the load sliding out of the bed while the vehicle is in motion! In an attempt to remedy this, trucks can come equipped with tie down hooks installed throughout the cargo area so items can be strapped into place during transit. Many trucks to do not come factory-equipped with cargo hooks though. Other devices on the market can be very costly and bulky, or they will only work with specific makes and models of trucks. In turn, Inventor Allen was inspired to create the Gate Keeper!

This clever new invention straps items down to an existing tailgate when its open. It easily installs and removes. It works on all pickup trucks. The device wont interfere with the operation of the tailgate. It is strong and durable.

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