Garden Hose Security Device

Trust the Garden Hose Security Device to keep your hose from going missing!

  • Protects a Garden Hose from Theft or Damage
  • Locks Over the Faucet
  • Secures to the Ground
  • Strong and Durable
  • Easy to Use


Utility Patent # 10,301,072

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Robert L. Dent and Christopher R. Dent of Santa Monica, CA have created a device that users can trust to keep their garden hose from going missing.

In todays society, items get stolen all the time including garden hoses! This happens at golf courses, apartment complexes, public parks and residential homes. Not only is this frustrating, it requires spending money on a replacement. Of course then theres the worry that the new garden hose will eventually be taken too. Inventors Robert and Christopher Dent knew something more needed to be done. In turn, they developed the Garden Hose Security Device!

This clever new invention is the smartest way to protect a hose from theft or damage. The device locks over the faucet and secures to the ground with a spike or stake. It is strong and durable, yet easy to use. It is perfect for the backyard and great for businesses, too.

To learn more about the Garden Hose Security Device or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities act now!


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