Game Turn Organizer

The Game Turn Organizer keeps track of turns while you enjoy the game and conversations with friends.

  • Alerts Players of Their Turn
  • Quickens the Pace of the Game
  • Made for Up to 8 Players
  • Ensures that Sequence of Turns is Always Correct
  • Option of Countdown Timer


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jordan H. Klassen of Beamsville, ON has created a product that keeps track of turns so players can enjoy the game and conversations with friends.

Playing board games or card games with family and friends is a favorite pastime for many. Turn-based games require game progression based on orderly completion of turns by each participant. A player who initiates a game play or move out of sequence may disrupt the strategy of other participants. In addition, its unfair to the other game players and may ultimately affect the outcome of the game. While some methods of tracking a players turn have been attempted, none have been incredibly successful. In turn, Inventor Jordan Klassen was inspired to create a reliable game turn organizer system.

The Game Turn Organizer alerts players of their turn. It quickens the pace of the game. It is made for up to 8 players. The device ensures the sequence of turns is always correct. A countdown timer may be programmed to track a time limit, depending on the game being played and its rules.

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