Game OverHead Stand

A new floor-mounted video monitor stand for laid-back computer usage, gaming, and social media viewing.

  • Attach Multiple Monitors to Brackets for 180 Degrees of Video Viewing
  • Monitors Can Be Positioned in a Standard Position, or Upside Down for Use in an Inclined Chair
  • No Desktop or Wall Mounting Required
  • Provides a More Realistic Simulation Environment
  • Also Finds Use in the Medical Field


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor C.B. Breed of Fort Worth, TX has created a new floor-mounted video monitor stand for gamers.

Motivated by the high costs of gaming chairs, Inventor C.B. Breed was inspired to create an affordable alternative to costly game room chairs with monitors. In turn, he developed a flexible stand bracket that users can adjust to their liking and attach their own monitors to for optimal comfort. This innovation supports laid-back computer usage, gaming, and social media browsing. But Breed's vision extends beyond gaming - he believes this adaptable stand could also be extremely useful in medical settings and hospitals, bringing comfort and convenience to new arenas.

But how does it work? The invention lets consumers attach multiple monitors to brackets for 180 degrees of video viewing! With this adjustable system, monitors can be positioned in a standard position, or they can be placed in an inverted (or upside down) manner over a user in an inclined chair. No desktop or wall mounting is required! Not only will this be more comfortable for the user, the stand provides a more realistic simulation environment. This setup will also be more accommodating for gaming competitions or people with a disability.

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