GAJ Slide Plate

Now you will never have to drill another hole in the front of your boat if you want to install a new trolling motor!

  • Prevents Users from Breaking the Trolling Motor
  • Keeps the Motor from Tearing Off the Boat
  • Covers Old Holes
  • Strong and Durable
  • Works on All Boats


Design Patent Issued

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Gordon A. Johnson of Evans, GA has created a mounting plate for trolling motors.

Trolling motors allow fishermen to silently move along a lake. These motors typically mount to the front or bow of the boat, requiring a user to drill into the body of the boat. The useful lifetime of a trolling motor is less than that of the boat, and so, the motor often needs replaced several times. A user could also want to install a new trolling motor as their budget or preferences change. This means over time that the front of the boat will have multiple holes that are not only unsightly but could even impact the structural integrity of the boat as well. In turn, Inventor Johnson has created the GAJ Slide Plate!

This clever new invention prevents users from breaking the trolling motor and keeps the motor from tearing off the boat. The plate will also cover old holes. It is strong and durable. It was designed to work on all boats. This will be a must-have for the boating, fishing, and pleasure craft industry!

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