G Factor

A new firearm alerting system for law enforcement.

  • Lifesaving Innovation
  • Links Gun Owners to Their License Plate Information
  • Gives Police Officers More Complete Information at a Roadside Traffic Stop
  • Vehicle Sensors Scan a Stopped Car at a Safe Distance Before the Officer Approaches
  • Officers Now Have Advance Notification of a Possible Firearm
  • Can X-Ray or Scan the Car


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jerome Foster of Hammond, IN has created a new firearm alerting system for law enforcement. This lifesaving innovation provides early notification of a firearm before an officer approaches the scene.

Seeing all the crime in the world and officers getting killed while on duty inspired Jerome to take action. G Factor is his solution. Now, its ready for market!

But how does it work? The invention links gun owners or concealed carry owners to their license plate information to give police officers more complete information at a roadside traffic stop or other police encounter. Each law enforcement vehicle is equipped with one or more sensors. The sensors are used to scan a stopped vehicle at a safe distance before the officer approaches. With the system in place, officers will now have advance notification of a possible firearm in a vehicle they have pulled over.

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