Full Face Shield

An extra level of protection beyond standard face masks!

  • Prevents Droplets in Air from Contacting Eye, Nose, or Mouth Area
  • Made of Clear and Opaque Plastic
  • Foam Rubber Sealing Strip for Comfort and To Provide an Airtight Seal
  • User Breathes Through the Shield Using a Filter Located in Front of the Nose and Mouth Area
  • Can Also Be Used for Sandstorms, Volcano Eruption, and Unexpected Catastrophic Events


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Pitamber Singh of Canada has created a form fitting clear plastic shield that covers the eyes, nose, and mouth area to provide an extra level of protection beyond standard face masks.

While conventional face masks may provide protection against air that is being inhaled or exhaled, another direct method of possible infection is microscopic droplets in the air that are exhaled by a sick person while talking, sneezing, or simply breathing. Extra eye protection may reduce contact with the eyes, however, droplets that land near the nose or mouth remain possible sources of infection. Plus, Pitamber noticed all the disposal masks littering the streets and subways, clogging drains, and blocking sewers. He just knew there had to be another way. In turn, he developed the Full Face Shield to eliminate these problems!

With the invention in place, droplets in the air no longer pose a threat, as the shield provides a waterproof protective layer for the entire face. A user simply breathes through the shield using a replaceable filter located in front of the nose and mouth area. All edges of the shield that contact the skin have a foam rubber sealing strip to not only provide comfort, but also provide an airtight seal.

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