Frankie’s Floaties

An everyday harness with added protection for the unexpected.

  • Water-Activated Flotation Vest
  • Specially Designed for Dogs and Cats
  • Features Multiple Inflatable Bladders Folded Along the Harness Straps
  • Sensor Automatically Inflates the Bladders if Submerged in Water
  • Allows Pet to Float Safely Until Rescuers Come Along


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Christopher M. Sobjak of Hanover, PA has created a lifesaving water activated flotation vest for dogs and cats.

For many pet owners, their dogs and cats are furry family members. They take their pets everywhere, even the lake, pool, and beach. Although some pets can float and swim, not many can do it successfully, nor for long periods of time. Accidental drownings do occur when pet owners are not expecting their pets to be near the water. In fact, more than 5,000 family pets drown every year. Tragically, Christopher had a puppy squeeze under a pool fence at night and drown. While trying to process the accident and his grief, the idea for Frankies Floaties was born.

The invention looks like a typical low-profile harness, but has multiple inflatable bladders folded along the harness straps. It features a sensor that automatically inflates the bladders if submerged in water, allowing the pet to float safely until rescuers come along. The invention comes in multiple colors and sizes to keep all dogs and cats safe when spending time with their owners near the water.

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