Frank Squirrely Christmas Tree Ornament

A must-have for fans of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

  • - Toy Squirrel Pops Out of Tree to Startle Those Nearby
  • - Motion Sensor Activated
  • - No Batteries Required
  • - Connects to Any Existing Power Source
  • - Fun for All Ages


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jesse Bloomquist of Mount Royal, NJ has developed a new Christmas dcor item for fans of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Nothing says Christmas like coming across National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on TV. Like so many, Jesse is a huge fan of the movie and loves the squirrel scene. He realized there are so many interactive Halloween jump scares, but nothing for Christmas. With the highly competitive nature of the seasonal novelty industry, there is a constant need for new and innovative designs for items that attract attention as well as commemorate the season. In turn, Jesse was inspired to create the Frank Squirrely Christmas Tree Ornament. Now you can bring that iconic squirrel scene right into your home!

A track is secured to a horizontal branch of a Christmas tree via adjustable Velcro straps. Upon triggering a motion sensor on the front of the track, a lifelike brown plush squirrel will lunge out from the tree to startle those nearby, just like in the movie. The squirrel will automatically retract back to the starting position after a short delay. No batteries are required. The invention simply connects to any existing power source. This product will be fun for all ages and perfect for fans of the movie!

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