Forward Adjustable Mirror

Because your family wants you to come home.

  • Lets You Adjust Your Mirrors from Inside Your Vehicle
  • Allows You to Sit Comfortably in Inclement Weather
  • Increases Safety
  • Saves Lives
  • Prevents Delays


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James McGuire of Leona, TX has created automatic controls for a hood-mounted sideview mirror.

As a truck driver, James deals with many obstacles on a daily basis. It can be a mechanical issue, a traffic delay, or having to share his vehicle with other drivers. The list goes on. As a commercial driver, one must go through a pre and post-trip inspection. Adjusting your mirrors is essential to the pre-trip inspection process. This requires a driver to exit the vehicle, reposition the mirrors by hand, and then re-enter the vehicle to check the view. This process is usually repeated multiple times until the mirrors are in the ideal position. All this adjustment time, however, can delay your trip and really put you behind schedule. James just knew there had to be a smarter way. In turn, he came up with the Forward Adjustable Mirror!

Just like your adjustable side mirrors, your forward adjustable mirrors can now be adjusted from inside your vehicle! You will simply press a button to position the mirrors to your liking all from the comfort and safety of your cab!

Want to learn more about the Forward Adjustable Mirror? Contact us NOW for additional information or for manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities!


  1. Donna Teague

    I think this is amazing . You can’t have enough vision on the road. My hole family was truckers. Wish they could of had these. Daddy retired with a Million Miles Accident Free. If it wasn’t for the truckers where would this world be. God Bless and I pray safety for all.

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