“Forget Me Not” Child Safety System

No more babies lost to busy distracted lives.

  • Monitors Presence of Child in Car Seat Via Seat Weight Sensors
  • Audible and Visual Alerts
  • Prevents Tragic Accidental Deaths
  • Toddler Vest Version with GPS System


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Patty Tillitt of Oracle, AZ has created a safety system that provides audible and visual reminders to alert a parent or caregiver of a child left behind in a vehicle.

While going through life changing events that left her alone in the world for the first time, Patty began praying for a purpose to life. After a very bad day, she turned on the news and heard about the death of a baby in a hot car in Phoenix. She cried like never before and when she was finished, she had composed three pages of an invention idea. Within 48 hours of the miraculous event, all her troubles fell into place. Soon, however, another story about the death of an infant in a hot car was being aired on the news. This time, Patty questioned God on how her invention could work. He explained everything in detail and filled her with the knowledge she needed to start developing her idea.

Pattys invention consists of a waterproof pad with weight sensors and a separation detection fob. The pad is placed in a car seat. The child is then put on the pad, which activates the weight sensors, turning on the separation fob and dash light. Once at a destination, if the dash light does not remind you of a sleeping child and the driver exits the car by more than 15 feet, the fob will sound with a loud alarm and flashing lights, alerting the driver of the child left behind. The fob will not stop until the child is removed from the pad. Once the child is toddler age, or a family has multiple children, the pad is replaced with a programmable safe distance toddler vest with GPS that grows with your family.

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