Folding Home Surface

A 3-way fold up exercise mat that can be used on top of a mattress.

  • Firm Surface for Completing a Physical Therapy Program
  • Ideal for Those in the Home Phase of Their PT Rehabilitation
  • Also Beneficial for Those with Chronic Conditions
  • Easy to Store
  • Light Enough to Transport


Utility Patent - 11,878,209

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor and Doctor of Physical Therapy, Peter Cassels, of Bonita Springs, FL has created an exercise mat that provides a firm surface for completing a physical therapy program.

A large portion of physical therapy is home exercise programs. Physical therapists will develop a home exercise regimen especially for a patient. Healthcare is also pushing home PT because it is more cost effective than rehab facilities. However, patients often ask Peter where they can do their exercises, because they have difficulty getting on and off the floor and the bed is too soft. This got him thinking. In turn, he was inspired to create the Folding Home Surface!

The invention is a 3-way fold up exercise mat that is firm enough to be used on top of a mattress. It will be ideal for those in the home phase of their physical therapy rehabilitation, or for those with chronic conditions. After use, the mat is simply folded up, locked, and put away until next time. It is also light enough for home therapists to bring with them if needed.

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