Flushless Urinal for Home and Hotel Use

A flushless urinal that is integrated right into a bathroom sink, using the existing plumbing.

  • Urinal Chamber is Isolated from the Basin and May be Concealed Behind a Vanity Door
  • Sink’s Wastewater is Channeled into the Urinal Chamber Providing a Rinse
  • Eliminates Splashback and Dripping
  • Provides a Comfortable, Quieter, and Enjoyable Experience
  • Benefits the Community and the Planet


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Gregory Holliday of Falls Church, VA has created a flushless urinal that is integrated into a bathroom sink, using the existing plumbing.

The traditional toilet is a good design for a seated person. However, any man who stands to use one knows his bathroom is quickly soiled, as are his pants and shoes much of the time.

As a diplomat who worked on international water policy, Gregory worries that much of the world is facing severe water scarcity. He was inspired to develop a re-design that would not only offer a cleaner, more hygienic bathroom, but also a more environmentally responsible one.

Today, water utilities burn fossil fuels and add chemicals to make water potable before piping it to our homes. We then flush about 1.6 gallons of that drinking water out to the ocean each time we pull that handle. With toilet flushing representing about 25% of home water usage, his invention could significantly lower water use, utility bills, and contribute to more water-secure communities. The environmental impact goes beyond mere water savings. The reduction of greenhouse gases used to treat toilet water and the impact on hydroelectric reservoirs have clear energy benefits as well.

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