Flash Freeze Box

A vastly improved alternative to conventional frozen food product storage, freezing, and transfer.

  • Holds Food Products That Are to Be Frozen
  • Features Integral Spacer at Bottom of Box
  • Speeds Flash Freezing Process
  • Allows For Air Flow on Bottom of Box as Well As Top of Lower Boxes
  • Eliminates Need to Depalletize Boxes and Then Repalletize Them with Separate Spacers
  • Saves Time, Money, and Manpower


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Developed in North Carolina, USA, the invention is a specialized box to store food products in cold storage.

The invention was inspired by the inventors daily work. For over 12 years, they had to restack thousands of pallets to insert spacers between the layers of boxes. This would allow the fresh poultry to freeze when placed into their blast cell freezers. As they moved into higher roles within their company, they began to realize not only how hard the work was, but how difficult it was to retain team members with this type of job. The pay did not entice people to do the physically demanding work. There was also the increased chance of back injuries. And so, the inventors were inspired to devise a better way of doing things. They tried pushing boxes with forklifts, using a pallet clamp, or a slip sheet machine, but none were very effective. They realized they needed to design an economically friendly box that did not require any restacking and allowed air to flow through the pallet. The Flash Freeze Box is their solution.

But how does it work? The invention looks like a typical corrugated wax-covered box but has an innovative design to speed up initial freezing times and improve the throughput and cycle times in the cold storage industry. A built-in spacer on the bottom of the box eliminates the backbreaking work of restacking the boxes, allowing your product to get into the blast cells quicker than ever before. This also allows the product to freeze faster and more efficiently once the flash freeze process begins. Gone are the days of slatting and de-slatting pallets! No more slats to wash, no more buying and transporting slats, and no more delays on getting product into a blast cell!

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