A simple way to know when your trash can has been emptied at a glance.

  • Flag Automatically Pops Up When Your Can Has Been Emptied
  • Eliminates Unnecessary Trips to The Curb to Check
  • Easy to Install
  • Must-Have in the Winter
  • Quality Built


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Norm Deschamps and Anna Payment of Canada have created a trash can with an indicating means for visually showing when the trash has been emptied or collected at the curb.

Living in a cold and snowy area, Norm and Anna would prefer to look out their window rather than trek to the curb in a snowstorm only to see their trash was still waiting to be picked up. Flag-It was their answer to this problem. Now, it has been further developed and is ready for market!

But how does it work? The flag remains in the downward position until the can has been dumped. At that time, the flag automatically pops up, indicating the can has been emptied. All you need to do is look out your window to know when your trash has been picked up! No more unnecessary trips to the curb to check. This will be convenient all year round and especially in the frigid snowy winter months.

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Additional Information

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