Fish Out of Water

You wont want to get out of the pool without one!

  • - Wearable Towel
  • - Keeps Floors Dry and Safe
  • - Absorbent
  • - Non-Slip
  • - Various Colors, Styles, and Sizes Possible


Design Patent - D937,539

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Traci Sawtelle of Gambrills, MD and Tisha Troyer of Crofton, MD have designed a wearable towel that lets you get out of the pool and run inside the house without getting water all over the floor!

The idea started taking shape at Tracis nieces birthday party. Her nieces friends were swimming in her pool and when it came time for them to use the restroom or get a snack, they would come inside dripping wet. To remedy this, they made a trail of towels around the house to keep the floors dry. After that day, when exiting the pool, Traci would always grab a towel to walk on indoors. Not only did this keep the floors dry, it kept her from slipping. She knew she was onto something and alongside Tisha, the two were inspired to develop Fish Out of Water!

The invention is simply slipped on before heading into the house and taken off to dry before reentering the water. Each towel is made from comfortable absorbent material and features sleeves, pant legs, and feet with non-slip grip. Unlimited colors, styles, and sizes are possible.

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