Fire Safe Fountain

A wildfire extinguishing system that utilizes water from an underground water tank.

  • Helps Fight Wildfires in A Residential Setting
  • Sprays Water on Structures to Prevent Them from Catching Fire
  • Pump is Activated Automatically by Heat Sensors
  • Saves Homes and Lives
  • Must-Have for Homes Along Brush Lines


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Paul Davis has developed a wildfire extinguishing system that obtains water from a large underground tank.

As a young child, Paul witnessed a typhoon hit his home in Manilla, Philippines. Later, living in the Caribbean, he experienced four Category 5 storms over the years. He has also been a victim of loss from a fire. In recent years, the fires in the West have ruined so many lives, it truly made him emotional. Professional firefighters can help keep forest fires under control, but many communities lack sufficient personnel in order for this to happen. These devastating fires, which destroy land and homes, inspired him to create the Fire Safe Fountain! His hope is that this invention will save thousands of homes and a lifetime of possessions.

This new system contains piping that is connected to a high-pressure pump, which pulls water from the tank. This creates a wall of water fountains to surround and protect your home or property. In the event of a power outage, the pump utilizes power from a battery bank. This device also includes heat sensors that activate to alert people of a nearby forest fire.

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