Finger Tip Protectors

Protects your fingers from burns while styling your hair!

  • Worn While Using Curling Irons or Other Heated Appliances
  • Allows Tips of Finger and Thumb to Touch Hot Surfaces Without Burning
  • Won’t Get in The Way of Hairstyling
  • Made of Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber
  • Various Sizes Possible


Design Patent #D829,385; Utility Patent #10,441,009

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Cheryl A. Ivany of Dartmouth, NS has created a pair of heat resistant covers so hair stylists or consumers can use heated hair appliances without worry of burning themselves.

One popular tool used by many is the curling iron. However, users must be cautious since the exposed heating surface of a curling iron means that while it will heat and curl the hair easily, it can also burn any fingertips or thumbs in the way. While heat resistant gloves can be worn, they reduce the user's dexterity resulting in a less than pleasing hairstyle. As a hair stylist for 30 years, Inventor Ivany knew there had to be a better way. In turn, she created the Finger Tip Protectors!

This clever new invention is worn while using curling irons or other heated appliances. It allows the tips of the finger and thumb to touch hot surfaces without burning. It wont get in the way of hairstyling. The device is made of heat resistant silicone rubber. Various sizes are possible.

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