Filter Box

Enhanced air filtration while painting, wood working, machining, and more!

  • Easy Replacement of Various Filters
  • Cleaner Air at Lower Cost
  • Reduction of Potentially Harmful Particles or Irritating Fumes
  • Can Also Be Used Inline with a Larger Dust Collector Unit or Fume Extractor
  • Simple to Use


Utility Patent - 11,291,340

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Troy Taylor of Sequim, WA has developed an innovative new system that offers enhanced air filtration while painting, wood working, machining, and more. Benefits include easy replacement of various filters, cleaner air at a lower cost, and the reduction of potentially harmful particles or irritating fumes.

There are a variety of work processes performed in factories, shops, repair centers, and homes that produce dust, dirt, and fumes. Capturing these contaminants can be a high maintenance task and costly, too. Like many people, Troy is chemically sensitive and wanted a better solution. In turn, he created the Filter Box!

His invention offers high performance filtration without the necessity of frequent filter maintenance. A user will simply turn on a Shop-Vac to draw dust particles or fumes through the normal hose into the shop vacuum interior and then out the exhaust of the Shop-Vac. An exhaust hose is routed from the exhaust port of the Shop-Vac to the intake portion of the invention. The invention then does the filtering that goes out through the exhaust. The invention can also be used inline with a larger dust collector unit, or fume extractor, which is used as an air draw source, so you contain the contaminates.

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