Face Protect

An extra level of protection beyond standard face masks.

  • Covers Eyes, Nose, and Mouth Area
  • Lightweight, Form Fitting Design
  • Prevents Droplets in Air from Contacting Eyes, Nose, or Mouth
  • Comfortable Foam Rubber Seal Along All Edges of Mask That Contact the Skin
  • Provides An Airtight Seal
  • User Breathes Through an Opening at the Bottom


Design Patent - D959,754

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lorenzo Hughes of Mobile, AL has designed a protective face mask that features a comfortable form fitting shield for extra protection.

The idea was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lorenzo knew if individuals had a way to better protect themselves, it is possible they might still be with us today. He knew we needed the means to better protect ourselves from an enemy we cannot see. While masks may provide protection against air that is being inhaled or exhaled, another direct method of possible infection is microscopic droplets in the air that are exhaled by an infected person while talking, sneezing, or simply breathing. Conventional eye protection may reduce contact with ones eyes, but droplets that land near the nose or mouth remain possible sources of infection. With these things in mind, Lorenzo was inspired to create Face Protect!

The invention is an enhanced face mask that takes the form of a thin plastic shield that covers the eyes, nose, and mouth area. Each edge of the mask is provided with a foam rubber sealing strip to not only provide comfort, but also provide an airtight seal against any droplets in the air. A user simply straps on the mask and breathes through it using an opening at the bottom.

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