FACE: Focusing Adjustable Camera Enhancement

Take social or business calls right from your vehicle!

  • On-The-Go Video Conferencing with FaceTime®, Bluetooth® or OnStar®
  • Camera is Conveniently Positioned Near Touch Screen
  • Enjoy Social Calls
  • Conduct Board Meetings in Car
  • For Use Only in Park
  • Or Anytime in Limos, Party Busses, Business Cars, and More


Utility Patent #10,708,542

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Clifford David Griffin of Lake Alfred, FL has created a video conference call camera to let users take social or business calls right from their vehicle!

The invention is for anyone who would like to visually speak to someone in their automobile. With Inventor Griffins creation: the FACE: Focusing Adjustable Camera Enhancement, it is now possible and easier than ever!

Enjoy on-the-go conferencing with services such as FaceTime, Bluetooth, or OnStar. This 1080p video camera will be positioned near a vehicles touchscreen control display so you can look directly at the screen while video chatting or taking still images. Simply use the roller ball to move the camera lens into the perfect viewing angle and zoom in or out as needed. This product is for use only in park. However, it can be enjoyed anytime in limos, party busses, or business cars! It could also be used in helicopters and Lear jets.

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