Face & Body Towel

An innovative new towel for the face and body.

  • Allows Users to Dry their Face Separately from their Body
  • Keeps Bacteria and Oils Away from the Face
  • Eliminates Towel Clutter Around the Bathroom
  • Wrap-Around Feature to Ensure a Perfect Fit
  • Hanging Feature Keeps Towel on Hook or Towel Rack


Design Patent - D991,709

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Shaneka D. Jarrett of Queens, NY has designed an innovative new towel for the face and body.

Wouldnt it be convenient to have a face towel and body towel in one to eliminate all those towels around the bathroom? Shaneka thought so. Plus, she knew the skin on the face is more sensitive and needs to be protected from any bacteria and oils that could be on a towel after drying ones body. With these things in mind, she was inspired to create the Face & Body Towel!

The invention features a section on the inside of the towel that is meant to dry your face, while the rest is for drying your body. Using this separate area of the towel on the face will be much more hygienic. The towel also has a wrap-around feature to ensure a perfect fit. No more fallen towels! Lastly, with its hanging feature, it stays secured on hooks and towel racks. Various colors and styles are possible.

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