EZ Tie Strap

The EZ Tie Strap lets you properly secure and organize electrical cords.

  • Affordable
  • Provides for a More Appealing Look
  • Eliminates Cord Clutter
  • Great for Every Household, Construction Zone, Workplace, or Medical Office
  • Inexpensive to Manufacture


Design Patent #D714,632, Utility Patent # 9,108,779

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jose Pando of Hobbs, NM has created a strap that lets you properly secure and organize electrical cords.

Having worked in residential construction, Inventor Pando knows that at the end of the day, there are cords from air hoses, electric saws, routers, and more thrown in a batch. With all of these cords in one area, it quickly becomes a frustrating mess. The same problems occur in the home and office with cords to different electronics like food processors, blenders, toasters, and more. Keeping them together and orderly is an issue. Velcro does not last; it wears out. Other products are not very versatile. Inventor Pando knew there had to be a better way to easily tie electrical cords and keep things better organized. In turn, he created the EZ Tie Strap!

This clever new invention provides for a more appealing look and eliminates cord clutter. It is affordable. Its great for every household, construction zone, workplace, or medical office. It is inexpensive to manufacture.

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